About us

Highly recommended Certified Fire Protection & Safety Specialist which provides different services to small, medium and large size enterprises. We are specialized in the installation of Fire Detection & Alarms Systems, Sprinkler Systems, Fire Fighting Equipment and Home Automation Systems along with the continued process of maintenance that guarantees certification!

As a member of NFPA you can trust on 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

01. Our Vision

Become the BEST fire safety, security and automation company in the Dutch Caribbean with top quality producst and services.

02. Our Mission

Fire-Proof, Secure and Automate the Dutch Caribbean with top quality products and services.

03. Our Value

A “One Stop’ Shop for Fire-Safety, Security and Automation, we install, maintain, and give consultations in all these areas for our customers and stakeholders by providing professional services and support, and delivering high quality affordable products.

Company History

Our passion is one rooted in the history of a past that thrives us to strive for a better tomorrow. A unwavering commitment by the founders and people who work for our company, who have a sincere focus on providing our customers with superior safety  and live savings solutions.


A Dream that became a vision

CFSS is today, the #1 company in Fire-Safety, Security and Automation. Our expertise is contributed to our history. We started in 2009 as a fire-safety consultant company for other companies and projects. We quickly moved into the supervising of installations and taking care of the certifications.


Making security & Safety affordable

In 2014 we give another step in our business journey including affordable Security Systems and high quality personal and business safety solutions to our portfolio. With this we open new possibilities to home owners, small to large business owners to secure their belongings and loves one at affordable prices.


Take matters in our own hands

In 2010 we take business in our own hands, as we started to execute the installations ourselves for the fire detection and suppressions systems.That step has help our business grow to what we are today.


One Step closer to the future

In 2015, we gave one step closer to the future, providing our clients with high quality automation system for home and business. With this step, we created an extraordinary solution for ordinary day-to-day time consuming activities. All our services has merge together to create a “onestop shop” to fire-proof, secure and automate a home or business.


The Future is today

We have grown extensively ever since then in service and product variety. Our goal is to become the standard when it comes to fire-safety, security and automation. We understand that this goal requires a commitment to keep growing and expanding. There for we are constantly working on new solutions and services for you.

We have big plans for this years, projects, expansion as we understand that the future is today!

Thank you for believing in us.

Your Safety is our mission!

Our commitment to our vision is a constant reminder to our employees of why the company exists and what the founders envisioned when they put their fame and fortune at risk to breathe life into their dreams.  A Dutch Caribbean 100 % Fire-proof, Secured and automated.